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Outdoor Gym & Calisthenics workout Parks [Forest of Dean]

This is the first post of this type on BOULDERING.FYI simply because when searching for ‘Calisthenics Park Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire’  or 'Outdoor Gym Forest of Dean' absolutely nothing comes up! 

For those of you that like to do workouts outside of the climbing wall, I am keen on listing all the available options of outdoor gyms, in and around the Forest. 

Technically the outdoor gym in Ross on Wye is actually in Herefordshire but I’m going to steal it for the Foresters because it’s literally a 15-20 minute drive from Cinderford (via Ruardean and past Goodrich castle). 

I do know of one other outdoor fitness park at the minute, that’s in Newent around the lake. Unfortunately that one doesn’t have any dip bars or pull up bars. I’ll do another post on that one sometime 👍

outdoor gym forest of dean
Enjoying an outdoor workout on a sunny day!

outdoor gym ross on wye
This equipment works out the back muscles

calisthenics dip bars
Large dip bars for calisthenics

The park has the usual fitness equipment (push, pull machines with body weight) along with a massive dip bar and 2 sizes of pull up bar. Also two sit-up benches. I find this park pretty good for a calisthenics workout. The pull up bars are big enough to do 'skin the cats' and various other gymnastics style moves.

As you can see below, the outdoor gym is located in Tudorville, Ross on Wye, right next to Audrey's Fish Bar. It's on a bus route and has ample parking for cars.

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