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Newent Outdoor Fitness Park

Welcome to another ‘Outdoor Fitness Parks in and around The Forest of Dean’ posts, here at BOULDERING.FYI

I’ve started these posts basically as a resource for fitness parks in the Forest, for locals and visitors searching for a workout in fresh air. The best so far, for an outdoor gym workout in the Forest of Dean is here. Or read on to find out about this fitness park in Newent, at the corner of the lake…

view from newent outdoor fitness park
Newent outdoor fitness park [Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire]

Newent is a small town at the North end of the Forest of Dean. It’s a funny little town and quite characterful really, almost as if in recent years trying to find its identity. With a handful of charity shops, a chippy and Coop, cafes and trinket shops with a lovely small lake to walk around, right next to a very reasonably priced and convenient car park. This is where the outdoor fitness park in Newent is. [Google co-ordinates: https://goo.gl/maps/MRNPDCnzGxEWrRyx6 ]

The workout park is a basic one, with no official pull up bars or dip bars for calisthenics. However, you are able to do straight bar dips on one of the leg stations and if you are imaginative, cross/straight legged pull ups.

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