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3 Rocks Bouldering Guide [Forest of Dean, Soudley]


Page updated - May 2023

3 Rocks will never make it to any 'best of UK' bouldering guidebooks but it does have a pretty cool mini Fontainebleau feel. The sandstone bouldering circuits here can be done in a weekend and is best for low to moderate grades, although there are a couple of f7 / V6+ problems and definitely some eliminates yet to be searched out named.

3 Rocks Bouldering Map Topo [free to download]

The area of 3 Rocks in the Forest of Dean, was first developed for bouldering by David at Roots Climbing. I can not thank him enough for the cool boulder problems he has created here and would advise you to go and buy one of his [£2.50 PDF download] Forest of Dean Bouldering guides. They are very handy to have on your phone or print out. BOULDERING.FYI was always meant to be in addition to the Roots guides and more so for beta and a little extra info on Forest of Dean bouldering rather than a definitive bouldering guide.

Recently I have spent a bit of time at 3 Rocks, not only bouldering but seeking out new lines. Inspired by Davids work there, I felt that there was more potential for very low grade and beginner boulder problems and circuits. As there is at Fontainebleau with the orange circuits, it's great to 'lower the bar' on this sub category of rock climbing and make it more accessible for beginners.

There are various sectors at 3 Rocks, the ones I have covered here are:

- Big Little World

- Covidiots

- Perfect Block

- Big Belly Slab and Green Man Boulder

- Honey Boulder

To make it easier to find your way around the sectors and in addition to the map, I have made a 3 Rocks Bouldering Guide video. The first video shows you how to get to: Big Little World, Covidiots and Perfect Block. You can watch the mini guide here:


For the full list of problems (not exhaustive): 

List all boulder problems at 3 Rocks, Forest of Dean

f4-5 / V0-V1 Boulder Circuit 3 Rocks

f6 / V2 Boulder circuit 3 Rocks



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